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Extensive Experience

As recognized industry leaders, the Northwood Retail team has executed some of the country’s leading developments. Our experience ranges from developing and leasing large mixed-use projects and regional power centers to boutique properties and individual retailer portfolios.


Our leasing experts pride themselves on their knowledge of current retail trends, as well as their established relationships with relevant brands at the local, regional, and national levels. Their commitment to serving both the consumer and retailer yields an expertly curated merchandising mix specific to the target demographics in each market.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Urban mixed-use
  • Regional and Super-Regional mixed-use
  • Traditional and suburban open-air
  • Upscale resort
  • Infill retail


We create beautiful, innovative, lasting environments. Specializing in mixed-use projects, our approach to each development is as unique as the property itself. From repositioning assets, to ground-up development, and renovation, we use all available resources to realize each property’s full potential.

Property Management

We approach property management as an owner. We understand conscientious and proactive management practices are critical to maximizing the value of each retail asset. Our local property management teams implement sound strategies to minimize risk, control expenses, and increase revenues and returns.

Marketing & Events

Each marketing initiative is created to drive traffic, increase sales, and provide maximum exposure for retail tenants and sponsors. Designed to create memorable moments and maximize dwell time, our customized marketing programs include:

  • Signature events
  • Advertising and branding
  • Public relations and community partnerships
  • Social, mobile, and digital marketing strategies
  • Sponsorship opportunities