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Recipes for a Winning Retail Center with Ward Kampf, President of Northwood Retail

Winning Retail Podcast

April 7, 2021

In this Season 2 premiere, Tony interviews Ward Kampf, President of Dallas-based Northwood Retail. Since 2014, Ward has overseen the development and strategic vision of Northwood’s long-term leasing ventures, working with some of the most dynamic retailers from California to the Carolinas.

On this episode, Ward discusses the importance of content and context, how technology is ushering in a new world of influencer-based retail, and why he thinks “mixed-use” is an overused term.

3 Takeaways:

Providing retail properties and services that eliminate friction points between consumers, manufacturers, and everyone in between is paramount.
Retailers have a choice between being in the content and context business (specialized retail) or the real estate provision and maintenance business (commodity retail) – Ward makes a case for the former.
Great mixed-use assets over time become their own asset class, and it’s the retail that drives it.
Key Quotes:

“Retailers are realizing they can fulfill from the store – and it is a lot more profitable.”
“I think we’re going to continue to see retailers marry with other retailers.”
“Retail is so fluid right now, it’s changing so quickly, that you really have to understand all channels and just get outside your comfort zone and try to get educated.”