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A New Bakery Specializing in Sourdough and Gluten-Free Goods is Opening in Charlotte


February 27, 2024

In just a few weeks, a new bakery called The Accidental Baker will open at Metropolitan, bringing new options for sourdough breads and gluten-free baked goods to midtown Charlotte.

The locally owned bakery opens March 15. It will be situated in 660+-square-foot space next to Joan’s Bakery & Deli, adjacent to the Little Sugar Creek Greenway.

Founder Matt Cabana hasn’t been baking for long. The former tennis pro and corporate banker got started this past winter in an effort to improve gluten-free options for his wife, Caroline. Family and friends’ reactions to his creations kickstarted his creations into a business.

“I started this new venture just three months ago, initially operating out of my personal kitchen before needing a commercial kitchen to keep up with demand,” Cabana said. “I can’t wait to see where this venture goes and hope that we can continue to grow and provide our offerings to even more people.”

At Metropolitan, The Accidental Baker will specialize in gluten-free options and sourdough, although everything on its menu can be made regularly and can often be made dairy free as well.

The menu — which uses organic ingredients such as grass-fed butter, farm-raised eggs and bottled spring water — will include all kinds of breads and seasonal options. Cookies, banana breads, custom cakes and pies will be available, too.

“Matt’s story is one-of-a-kind, and we are delighted to have him as part of our center,” said Lauren Britt, leasing manager at Northwood Retail.

The Accidental Baker
Location: Metropolitan, 1100 Metropolitan Ave., Charlotte, NC 28204

Hours: Friday through Sunday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Instagram: @the_accidental_bakr